The Assassin’s Child Part 1

The boy tossed and turned in his bed. He couldn’t sleep that night; he just couldn’t. Then, he eventually fell asleep.

The dream was quite peculiar. His dad, a well known son of a successful businesswoman, was yelling at him to run. Gish looked around. Men in black were advancing onto them, shooting at them. His dad was shooting and yelling, gesturing for him to run. Then, a bullet penetrated his father’s chest. It happened in slow motion. His father slowly flew backwards, blood gushing out of his chest. His eyes were unblinking, then the body, devoid of life, fell onto the ground, lifeless.


Gish woke up with a start. His dad was standing above him, a smirk on his face.

“Finally… Your sister’s already awake.”

Gish had an eleven year old twin, Sarah. Sarah tended to do everything better than him. Sometimes, Gish pondered whether if she was an alien, not his twin.

“Dad! What the heck are we doing at four AM in the morning?” Gish asked, as they walked downstairs together. Ruco, his father, shrugged.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” he said. Gish sat down at the dining table.

He lived in a small house that was out in the rural. His grandmother, who had retired, lived next door, along with his uncle and aunt, Kent and Kate. They had a child, a nice boy by the name of Connor. Gish liked hanging out with Connor sometimes, but sometimes the other boy would become a grumpy person.

After scarfing down three slices of pizza, Gish followed his father straight into a wall.

“Daddy… What are we doing?” Sarah asked. Their mother, Coco, smiled.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Coco was Gish’s and Sarah’s mother. She had once been a trained assassin, but after giving birth, she moved into the countryside to take care of her kids. She loved eating pizza and Gish had clearly inherited that from her. Everything else, Gish inherited from his dad, Ruco. The hair, the face when he was determined, and more.

Ruco opened the thermometer control and inside, there was a screen. Ruco placed a hand on there. The wall turned into a door, which slid open. Ruco gestured for the children to walk inside. Sarah seemed fully aware of the hidden room, but Gish was in total awe.

“I’ve been living in this house for eleven years and I didn’t even know this existed?” Gish asked, looking around. Sarah smirked.

“You spend too much time with Connor in a way you never explore,” Sarah said. Gish rolled his eyes.

“Who would think of opening the thermometer?” he asked.

“If you had some common sense you would,” Sarah pointed out. Their parents looked at each other.

“Stop bickering now,” Ruco said, with a slight chuckle.

“Gish is so much like you… Too innocent,” Coco said. Ruco laughed.

“Just like me.”


Disney Afterwards: Frozen

I decided to create stories hypothesizing about what happened after the events of Disney princess movies.

After the events of Frozen, the kingdom of King Hans decided to go to war against Arendale. However, Arendale was not used to the concept of war so many soldiers were slaughtered and their once golden fields of grain had turned crimison.

As Queen Elsa tried to purge her land of the enemy’s soldier, she was assasinated in her sleep, leaving the kingdom in even more despair. As Anna, the younger sister of Elsa, took the throne, she was troubled by the amount of betrayals that were secretly going on in the palace. Elsa had left a diary, full of all of the people who had betrayed them. Among them, was Olaf the Snowman.

King Hans continued onwards, mercilessly slaughtering children, women, men and livestock. He burned villages and soon, all of Arendale’s military was gone. Queen Anna surrendered and was executed.

King Hans was a brutal tyrant, destroying and humiliating those who did not obey him. He was lazy and only wanted a relaxed life, so he appointed Olaf to be his servant. The evil Olaf ordered the slaying of millions, through Marshmallow, the horrible creature. That winter, many peasants starved to death. Hans ordered for a captive to be brought forwards. Kristoff, the husband of Anna, was brought forwards in shackles. Hans watched and tortured the poor man for three weeks before displaying Kristoff’s decapitated head in the halls. From then on, the people secretly called him King Hans the Dreadful.

Finally, there was an uprising. The angry peasants surged forwards, slaughtering the guards. Then, they ordered to see the king. As soon as the king stepped out into the balcony, three hundred arrows pierced his heart and the king had perished.

Now, each person had what they wanted: revenge and the death of Hans. Now, they didn’t know what to do. A princess from a neighboring kingdom arrived, a beautiful blonde woman with seemingly infinite locks of luscious hair that shined like the gold from the tales of the former and glorious Arendale. The woman revealed herself to be Rapunzel, a princess from a neighboring kingdom. She was fleeing from a group of highly trained assassins. The villagers took her in as their own. Because they did so, they all burned to death or suffocated from a poisonous gas. The princess died three days later, after being mutilated by the assassins.

The people of Arendale are gone. So is their history. Never shall it continue and if you visit their castle, you will hear the moans of the dying, the arrows piercing the king’s heart, and the screams of the mutilated. Then, you will fall and fall and fall to your own death. They will find you perished and will tell you this tale, a tale of sadness and hatred.

A Movie Review: Wonder Woman

People always say that feminist movies don’t bring in that much cash. Well, they used to. But now, Wonder Woman has made over 700 million dollars in globa; box office money. Now, the rating is a 7.7, but this movie inspired many children and for the first time, a woman finally wasn’t raped or brutally beaten. Instead, she was the hero.

Wonder Woman used to have a rating of 8 on IMBD. But after a while, the rating went down. I really don’t understand why. Wonder Woman was so inspirational and even had its funny moments! Gal Gadot portrayed Diana Prince very well and the movie had an excellent flow. I don’t understand why everyone is complaining. Spider-Man: Homecoming, is a horrible movie. However, many seem to love this movie and it has much better reviews than Wonder Woman. I was expecting Spider-Man: Homecoming, to be a very good movie, however, it was the worst movie I have ever watched.

What do you think about Wonder Woman? Comment in the sections below!

Pikachu and Friends: Habitat

Habitat, habitat, gotta have a habitat, got to have a habitat to carry on!

-Annoying lyrics of a song

For Pikachu, he had never known home. His first memory was of a kid explaining to a man that this ‘Pichu’ was too weak. Then, the boy went off. Pikachu’s next memory, was of the man leaving him in a box of the side of the road, abandoning him. Luckily, Pikachu had quickly found a small fern in the forest to hide. And then, the next memories were horrible yet sweet ones.

Treeko was Pikachu’s friend. The wise friend, who fed Pikachu when he was a Pikachu, and taught him how to find berries when he was a Pikachu. Treeko, however, one day disappeared. Well, Pikachu liked to remember that Treeko disappeared.

Treeko had gone to find some nuts. Pikachu, being the cute, fluffy and curious creature, had decided to follow him. When Treeko entered a clearing, a girl was waiting there. She used a red and white ball to eject a Pokémon out of it and soon, Treeko, needing to defend himself, had to fight this large Pokémon, a Miltank. The trainer kept yelling something. Her voice was squeaking the word ‘human’ over and over again. The Pokémon soon overpowered Treeko and before Pikachu could bound out to help Treeko, he had vanished in a flash of light, that came from a red and white ball.

Ever since, Pikachu never stayed in one place. He packed his meager belongings, a rag that had been discarded and a few berries. Then, he looked back at the place he called home. Pikachu walked away, never to return again.

Pokémon don’t have the greatest memory. Their brains were wired to memorize skills and attacks, not for memorizing events. So without repetition of the events, these memories soon fade away from their minds. So Pikachu forgot about his home, Treeko, and the malicious trainer.

Generally, when it came to finding a home, Pikachu knew where to find the nooks and crannies, along with reliable food sources. But this time, the forest he travelled to, was full of Pokémon, arguing about who’s bush it was, or who had the right to harvest berries. Pikachu wasn’t used to so many Pokémon as he walked through the forest.

Before any of this had even happened, the furry yellow creature had approached a walled forest. He decided to wander towards it and there were huge Charizards and Blastoises guarding it. Pikachu looked at them, and they towered over him. He squeaked. The large Pokémon laughed.

“You don’t have a home yet, do you? Don’t you wanna enter the land of the free?” A large Charizard boomed.

“Of course I do!” Pikachu squeaked.

“Well, prove to us that you don’t have a trainer yet.” The largest Blastoise looked at the Pikachu, expecting a quick response.

“Um… What’s a trainer?” The poor creature seemed confused. The guards laughed.

“Come on. In. Welcome to the forest of the free!”

Pikachu walked past by large vibrant stalls that had many different Pokémon behind them. The trees above him waved in the slight breeze and Pikachu became more uncertain as he walked through the stalls. Finally, he reached the inner city of the forest, a place where most Pokémon lived and the children went to school. Most of the wealthy people lived here, in tall contraptions shaped like balls. Pikachu accidentally bumped into a large creature when the yellow creature had been gazing at the contraptions that towered over him.

“Sorry!” Pikachu squeaked. A cat-like Pokémon towered above the yellow mouse. Pikachu cowered in fear.

“Mew! Take care of this horrible peasant that has bumped into their own king!” Mewtwo roared. A small pink cat appeared and dragged Pikachu away from the king.

“He… He’s the king?” Pikachu squeaked, terrified about his unknown fate. The pink cat nodded.

“I’m supposed to be the queen. By the way, I’m Mew,” the pink cat explained. She propped up Pikachu once they were out of the king’s sight.

“Don’t bump into anyone big or strong,” Mew warned. Then, she disappeared as mysteriously as she had appeared. Pikachu frowned and decided to leave the city.

The last thing Pikachu remembered was that the well was twenty nine miles away. He huffed and puffed, telling himself to not give up to the dry desert heat. Then, there was a human in the distance. Pikachu tried to scramble away and hide, but the human had already approached him.

“Hi buddy,” she said, picking up Pikachu. Pikachu had an instinct and cuddled with the girl. The girl cuddled with him too. Then, Pikachu’s stomach rumbled. The girl laughed.

“You’re hungry… Poor you!” The girl carried him off and the last thing that happened was that Pikachu fell asleep in her arms, warm and comforted.

WHen Pikachu woke up, he swore that someone’s foot was in his face. Pikachu was no longer hungry, but the mouse was awfully cramped. He nipped at the foot, unsure if they were alive or not.

“Stop nipping my foot dingus!” A Pikachu exclaimed. Pikachu immediately stopped. Then, there was a sound of unlocking and as Asian girl excitedly looked at the Pikachus. Standing next to her, was the owner of the claw machine.

“Human human human human human human human?” The owner asked.

“I want… That one,” the girl said, pointing at Pikachu. Then, the man took Pikachu and gave it to the girl. She looked at him. Pikachu looked at her. Then, he knew that he had found a new home. Soon, he would meet his new friends, Snorlax and Wobuffet Gudetama.

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The Emeralds: The Finale

The Finale is here! Who will win? The handsome Dapper or the determined Gish Tong? Or will someone else stop this before it even starts?

Gish mustered his troops, yelling commands at children. Everything was chaotic as Dapper’s troops marched into the territory. They used large paintball guns that could shoot a hundred times before needing a reload. Gish prepared makeshift catapults with Kip and launched hundreds of water balloons, soaking the invaders. The invaders slowly retreated away.

“Phew,” Gish said.

Turns out, this sneak attack had been well planned. Captives had been taken already, thanks to the most panicky kids who had ran towards the enemy, promising to surrender. Ten kids, an entire squad of kids were gone. And now, Sarah couldn’t help them anymore. The girl was perched high upon a tree, watching the battle down below.

Gish brought in his leaders for a group meeting.

“We can’t let that ever happen again!” Gish said, slamming down a glass of strawberry lemonade.

“I know… The troops panicked though. We can’t control fear,” Roy Jr. said.

“Gish, I think you’re taking this too far. We should stop.” Cooper, one of the boys Gish had suspected to be a possible traitor, was also quite popular. Joining Gish’s gang had made him even more popular and Gish despised him secretly.

“I agree. We should stop,” Roy Jr. said. Gish looked at his best friend. How could his own best friend betray him?

“Well then, looks like we need one more person to agree.” Cooper gave a cunning smile. There was a silence, then a single hand flew into the air. Cooper’s friend, Tristan.

“I agree. We will create a truce,” Tristan said. Gish stared at all of them.

“You have betrayed your own leader… How could you do that?” Gish roared, standing up. Roy Jr. looked scared. He mouthed ‘moose’ at Gish. A code word. Roy Jr. was being blackmailed.

Cooper laughed and shook his head.

“I knew you would crack under the pressure one day, Tong. I knew you would. And since three of us voted against you, majority wins. Call off the fight Kip. And why don’t you go with him Tristan. Tell Dapper that the Emeralds surrendered.” Cooper’s expression showed no sign of sadness that the war had to end. In fact, he seemed happy. As soon as the two boys had left, there was a loud boom and everything turned black.

Gish woke up. He was laying in bed, the neon green blanket abandoned on the floor. He heard Sarah’s voice, explaining something to his dad. His dad! Gish tried to get out of bed, before he got knocked out again.

When Gish awoke again, all he could see was black. He felt around for a lamp on his bedside table, but failed. Instead, he knocked over the lamp and it shattered on the floor. Then, he heard the sound of footsteps. The blinding light turned on and Isaac Tong, his father, was standing in the doorway.

“You okay?” Isaac questioned, racing towards the confused boy.

“I’m fine Dad,” Gish said, getting out of bed. His dad eyed the shards on the floor and sighed.

“Well, please be more careful next time,” Isaac said, calling for a maid to clean up the mess. Gish nodded.

“I will Dad.”

“Don’t get into another fight, okay? Promise me that. You nearly died. Wait until next year.”

“Okay Dad.”