The Girl in the Pale Blue Bubble Part 1

Part 1 of a new work: The GIrl in the Pale Blue Bubble

Hey everyone! I haven’t been on recently, because I’ve been busy with my first year of high school school. Here’s a section of a short story I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

She was floating in a pale blue bubble, suspended in an infinite slumber.  Long mahogany hair cascaded down her back, brushed to perfection. Months had passed, yet she remained in the same infinite slumber, with a peaceful expression on her face.

She had been discovered in space, floating among the debris of a spacecraft, that was once owned by a snake-like king.  The girl has been surrounded with thousands of deceased reptilian creatures, many with intricate armor.

No one knew what to do with the girl.  She was alive, yet suspended in the seemingly infinite slumber.  So, the bubble sat there, waiting for something to happen.

A black drone entered the room, landing on the fine white carpet.  It began to make a humming noise, slowly vacuuming the carpet, as usual.  Humans no longer did this menial task; robots were an infinite workforce. It vacuumed around the bubble, being extremely careful not to touch or prod the bubble, before flying out the door.

Then, soft music began playing.  It was Mozart, the former inhabitant’s favorite kind of music.  She had died twelve years ago, in a tragic accident. Just like the girl in the pale blue bubble, she had been caught in an explosion, caused by a reptilian king.

The bubble started to emit a humming noise, before starting to vibrate.  It began to vibrate faster, and faster, starting to make a screeching noise.  The baby blue bubble began to burst, little holes forming at first. The holes grew bigger and bigger, water beginning to flow out of the bubble.  The bubble began to shrink, becoming smaller and smaller, until the pale blue skin disappeared, leaving the girl to fall onto the ground.

(Note: I own this material. Any attempt to copy my work and claim it as yours will result in a copyright violation. If you are inspired by this work, please note that crediting others is important. Thank you adn have a great day!)

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Your Personal Robin- A DC head canon

(I was thinking of the song: “Your Personal Penguin”, written by Sandra Boynton. Damian Wayne wrote this song and the stuff in parenthesis are what Wayne says.)

*One day, while at the batcave, Damian approaches Bruce with a song he made up.*

I like you a lot (Stop bothering me kid.)

You’re cool and dark (I like black.)

So let me explain

This bat-tastic plan (Stop the puns)

I want to be your personal Robin (No, you can’t)

I want to fight crime by your side

I want to be your personal Robin (Stop it!)

I want to fight with you in Gotham (I work alone.)

Wherever you go, I’ll go there too (Why are you stalking me kid?)

Here and there, everywhere

And always with you

I want to be your personal Robin (I already said no. Go away Damian.)

From now on

Now a lot of other Robins like Jason

Have died (*Bruce cries*.)

In a universe of crime and villains

But if I could be yours and you

Could be mine

A cozy little Batman world would be twice

as nice. (I might consider you… Just leave.)

I want to be your personal Robin

I want to fight crime with you night and day

I want to be your personal Robin

I want to murder that Joker everyday (No. I don’t kill.)

Look at this costume (That’s not yours.)

It’s way too perfect (No, it’s not. It’s smeared with blood.)

I’d like to say again

What I have already told you

let me be your personal Robin (No!)

From now on.

Now a lot of other Robins like Jason

Have died (*Bruce sobs.*)

In a universe of crime and villains

But if I could be yours and you

Could be mine

A cozy little Batman world would be twice

as nice

I want to be your personal Robin (Just go away Damian.)

I want to battle by your side

I want to be

Your personal Robin

I want to battle crime with you far and


Wherever you go, I’ll go there too

Just make sure we don’t see Mom (Yes, that woman has caused me too much trouble. But you’ve caused me more.)

And I’ll be there with you

I want to be your personal Robin

Imagine me, your personal Robin

I want to be your personal Robin

From now on. (Fine.)

-Damian Wayne

The Assassin’s Children Part 3

Gish looked inside and saw a silhouette of a person.

“Dad!” The boy exclaimed, rushing towards his father, completely forgetting about Connor. He hugged his father so tightly.

“What happened to Connor?” Kent rushed out from a corner and went to his son’s body. Connor’s chest was still slightly rising up and down.

“He got shot in the chest,” Sarah explained, pulling away from her father’s grasp. Kent seemed very worried.

“Kate’s gonna kill me… I never should’ve sent Connor by himself,” The children’s uncle said, examining the wound. Ruco let go of his son.

“Is it bad?” Gish’s father asked. Kent nodded.

“We need to take him to the hideout,” Ruco said, beginning to walk out of the shed. Gish and Sarah followed him.

“I’m not sure how long he’ll last like this.” Kent looked extremely worried about his son. “He’s always had a frail body.”

“Well, the hideout is the safest place to go. You know that Kent.” Ruco speeded up his pace, careful to not crunch any of the leaves under his feet. Kent suddenly stopped. His companions looked at him quizzically.

“What’s wrong?” Gish asked. Kent raised his fingers to his lips.

“Shhh…” There was a clinking of metal. Ruco pushed his two children down onto the dirt ground.

“Oomph!” Gish felt his father’s glare. After a while, Kent gestured for the children to get up.

“What was wrong?” Sarah questioned, as they continued to hike on to their destination.

“Well, we suspected that the enemy was searching for our bodies.” Ruco grimaced.

Three hours later, the group finally reached a white van.

“It looks like those white vans from the movies,” Gish whispered to Sarah.

“Shut up,” his sister responded. Kent looked inside. No one seemed to be inside. Then, Ruco knocked a mysterious combos of rhythms and the back door opened. Kent sprinted inside with Connor in his arms, with Sarah right after him. Ruco pushed Gish in and jumped into the driver’s seat. Turns out, there were people inside.

“Connor!” It was Kate. She quickly placed him onto a cot. She was very worried and her mascara was slightly runny. Kent took a medical kit out and began helping Kate with some stuff. No one seemed to notice the twins.

The small room at the back of the white van was illuminated by blue lights. There was a cot, which was nearest to the back of the car. On the walls, there were cabinets full of weapons, bullets, bullet proof vests, dried and canned food, lighters, medical equipment and batteries. Gish watched a large screen, which was showing live footage of an empty truck. Then, the van accelerated, throwing him onto the ground.

“What the…” Gish began, but he was pulled up front, to the 8 seats in the van.

“Dad! He was just in the back,” Sarah said, pushing her older brother into a seat. Gish immediately put on a seatbelt. His sister rolled her eyes.

“Seriously? We’re only going seventy miles per hour,” she said, looking at the dashboard.

“It’s a good idea to put on your seatbelt Sarah.” It was their grandmother, the former successful business tycoon. The girl rolled her eyes before putting on her seatbelt. A few seconds later, there was a hard brake.

“See?” Gish said to Sarah. She scowled and glared at him. The boy shrunk back into his seat.

A few minutes later, they were in a bustling town.

“Put these on,” Ruco said, giving the children caps and sunglasses.

“It’s just like the movies!” Gish exclaimed, putting on his sunglasses and looking at his handsome reflection. He put his cap on backwards. Ruco took it off Gish’s head and put it back on forwards.

“We can’t attract too much attention,” his father said.

“Speaking of attention, where’s Mom?” Sarah asked, putting her pistol into the waistband of her jeans.

“She’s waiting for us in the extraction point,” their grandmother responded, slowly getting out of the car. The two children got out, leaving Connor, Kate and Kent into the car. Ruco locked them inside and they walked right into a large fair.

“Fresh pastries right here!” a vendor yelled. Another vendor was advertising her teddy bears. Ruco pretended to examine a book, while Sarah looked at umbrellas. Gish’s grandmother was nowhere to be seen and Gish was stuck in the large crowd. Many tourists and villagers jostled him around. He finally found his way to a random stall, which sold playing cards. He examined some Batman patterned cards. A few minutes later, he noticed that Ruco had disappeared into the crowd once again. Gish pulled himself back into the crowd and was jostled around once again, before he heard a yell.

“Hey! You! Get back here!” A man dressed in black was chasing after Ruco, who was running away. Gish pushed his way through the crowd and pursued the two from a distance, followed by Sarah. Sarah eventually caught up to him and ran past him, intent on keeping Ruco in sight. Soon, they were in an empty grass clearing when the man in black pulled out a gun and began firing rapidly. Ruco fell onto the ground and rolled to the side, before taking out a gun. He began firing at the man, who collapsed onto the ground.

“Hurry,” Ruco said, running over to the children. They nodded.

“Follow the trees with the yellow markings if you don’t see me. Got it?” Ruco asked. Gish and Sarah nodded.

Eventually, they reached the area where Coco was supposedly waiting. There was nothing in sight.

“Do you think they took off without us?” Gish asked.

“Of course not!” Sarah bickered. Ruco looked at the children.

“Stop arguing… Please. Right now, we are in a very tense situation,” he warned. The twins nodded. Then, there was a loud sound of a car. Then, people in kabuki masks jumped out of the car and began firing into the grassy plateau.

The Assassin’s Child Part 1

The boy tossed and turned in his bed. He couldn’t sleep that night; he just couldn’t. Then, he eventually fell asleep.

The dream was quite peculiar. His dad, a well known son of a successful businesswoman, was yelling at him to run. Gish looked around. Men in black were advancing onto them, shooting at them. His dad was shooting and yelling, gesturing for him to run. Then, a bullet penetrated his father’s chest. It happened in slow motion. His father slowly flew backwards, blood gushing out of his chest. His eyes were unblinking, then the body, devoid of life, fell onto the ground, lifeless.


Gish woke up with a start. His dad was standing above him, a smirk on his face.

“Finally… Your sister’s already awake.”

Gish had an eleven year old twin, Sarah. Sarah tended to do everything better than him. Sometimes, Gish pondered whether if she was an alien, not his twin.

“Dad! What the heck are we doing at four AM in the morning?” Gish asked, as they walked downstairs together. Ruco, his father, shrugged.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” he said. Gish sat down at the dining table.

He lived in a small house that was out in the rural. His grandmother, who had retired, lived next door, along with his uncle and aunt, Kent and Kate. They had a child, a nice boy by the name of Connor. Gish liked hanging out with Connor sometimes, but sometimes the other boy would become a grumpy person.

After scarfing down three slices of pizza, Gish followed his father straight into a wall.

“Daddy… What are we doing?” Sarah asked. Their mother, Coco, smiled.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Coco was Gish’s and Sarah’s mother. She had once been a trained assassin, but after giving birth, she moved into the countryside to take care of her kids. She loved eating pizza and Gish had clearly inherited that from her. Everything else, Gish inherited from his dad, Ruco. The hair, the face when he was determined, and more.

Ruco opened the thermometer control and inside, there was a screen. Ruco placed a hand on there. The wall turned into a door, which slid open. Ruco gestured for the children to walk inside. Sarah seemed fully aware of the hidden room, but Gish was in total awe.

“I’ve been living in this house for eleven years and I didn’t even know this existed?” Gish asked, looking around. Sarah smirked.

“You spend too much time with Connor in a way you never explore,” Sarah said. Gish rolled his eyes.

“Who would think of opening the thermometer?” he asked.

“If you had some common sense you would,” Sarah pointed out. Their parents looked at each other.

“Stop bickering now,” Ruco said, with a slight chuckle.

“Gish is so much like you… Too innocent,” Coco said. Ruco laughed.

“Just like me.”