The Girl in the Pale Blue Bubble Part 1

Part 1 of a new work: The GIrl in the Pale Blue Bubble

Hey everyone! I haven’t been on recently, because I’ve been busy with my first year of high school school. Here’s a section of a short story I’ve been working on. Enjoy!

She was floating in a pale blue bubble, suspended in an infinite slumber.  Long mahogany hair cascaded down her back, brushed to perfection. Months had passed, yet she remained in the same infinite slumber, with a peaceful expression on her face.

She had been discovered in space, floating among the debris of a spacecraft, that was once owned by a snake-like king.  The girl has been surrounded with thousands of deceased reptilian creatures, many with intricate armor.

No one knew what to do with the girl.  She was alive, yet suspended in the seemingly infinite slumber.  So, the bubble sat there, waiting for something to happen.

A black drone entered the room, landing on the fine white carpet.  It began to make a humming noise, slowly vacuuming the carpet, as usual.  Humans no longer did this menial task; robots were an infinite workforce. It vacuumed around the bubble, being extremely careful not to touch or prod the bubble, before flying out the door.

Then, soft music began playing.  It was Mozart, the former inhabitant’s favorite kind of music.  She had died twelve years ago, in a tragic accident. Just like the girl in the pale blue bubble, she had been caught in an explosion, caused by a reptilian king.

The bubble started to emit a humming noise, before starting to vibrate.  It began to vibrate faster, and faster, starting to make a screeching noise.  The baby blue bubble began to burst, little holes forming at first. The holes grew bigger and bigger, water beginning to flow out of the bubble.  The bubble began to shrink, becoming smaller and smaller, until the pale blue skin disappeared, leaving the girl to fall onto the ground.

(Note: I own this material. Any attempt to copy my work and claim it as yours will result in a copyright violation. If you are inspired by this work, please note that crediting others is important. Thank you adn have a great day!)

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